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What should you know about child support in Georgia?

When a marriage ends, it typically does not end a parent's relationship with the children. You brought the children to this world and they are your responsibility until they become adults. Many Georgia couples will definitely agree with this sentiment, but divorce can be particularly hard on the children as they see parents separate and their lives significantly change. A child may get to stay with one parent while the other parent pays child support for their education, medical and everyday expenses.

So, what are the responsibilities of the non-custodial parent? Typically, your income will be withheld if you do not come to an agreement with the custodial parent about child support. If the child support order does not specify this, you need to request this service. Once you request it, it will be recorded. If you are a self-employed professional, you may arrange for a funds transfer to the child support organization. Either parent can make the child support order.

A non-custodial parent also has certain rights. For instance, if you feel that as a non-custodial parent you are making your child support payments on time, yet you are not getting enough time with your children, then you may be happy to hear that many states have developed guidelines by which visitation times can be enforced. Many states even have funds that can be deposited into developing model programs for ensuring that children have the love and care of both parents.

Many non-custodial parents share a concern about child support modifications. What if you had been earning more when the court issued the original order and now your income has dipped? After three years, you may request a review of the child support order. If there has been a change in circumstances, such as an increase or decrease in income or a change in medical support, you could get the child support order revised.

Source: ACF.HHS.gov, "Non-custodial Parents' Rights and Responsibilities," Accessed on Sept. 25, 2014

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