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Georgian men have the same rights as women to receive alimony

Historically, Georgian men have worked outside the home more often than women, and their wifes stayed home to raise their children. This has led to an inclination for men going through a divorce to be more hesitant to request or pursue spousal support than women.

Georgia man arrested and jailed for failure to pay alimony

Alimony awards are based on a variety of factors and needs couples entering the divorce process should understand beforehand. A 66-year old Georgia man was recently arrested for failure to pay alimony. The man is a former University System of Georgia regent and owned a Georgia newspaper. The man allegedly failed to pay nearly $200,000 in alimony payments and has been ordered to begin making payments or remain in jail. The man was jailed without bond and is facing charges of failure to pay alimony.

Permanent alimony not automatic for stay-at-home parents

Spouses in Gwinnett County, Georgia, that stop working to stay at home and raise children have traditionally been cared for after a divorce through spousal support payments. But courts may no longer look favorably on such arrangements, however, leaving the stay-at-home spouse in a precarious financial position.

Alimony is being incorrectly reported on income taxes

Alimony is a legal device that can help balance the finances of divorcing spouses here in Georgia, particularly when there is a large discrepancy in their earning levels. However, as we covered in a recent post, when alimony is ordered, each spouse must follow all rules concerning the reporting of these payments.

Alimony payments can affect taxes

In a Georgia divorce case in which there is a large disparity in income between the spouses, or where one of the spouses has a limited work history, alimony may be appropriate. If alimony is ordered, the payments may have an impact on each spouse's taxes, and they should plan accordingly.

Rapper Big Boi does not want to pay alimony to wife

Spousal support is a means to keep spouses on similar financial footing after a divorce and to prevent putting a lower income spouse at a disadvantage simply because he or she gave up career advances during the marriage in order to take care of the family. A court has many factors to consider in making the decision whether or not to award alimony.

Wife of Big Boi files for divorce, requests alimony

The income of spouses in Georgia can be dramatically different for a number of reasons. One spouse may postpone or forgo a career to raise children or take a part-time job that provides greater flexibility. When a couple divorces, this difference in income can have a serious detrimental impact on the lower-income spouse. The law provides mechanisms, however, for mitigating this effect.

Legal loophole may force man to pay permanent alimony

A divorce case involving a unique immigration policy may force a man to pay alimony for life to his ex-wife. The couple divorced after six years of marriage and she is now alleging that he breached a contract with her and the federal government. Upon marrying her, the man had to sponsor her by affidavit to bring her into the country and agree to support her to prevent her from becoming a burden on any welfare programs.

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