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Fathers fighting for equal parenting time with children

Fathers have been at a disadvantage for decades in terms of the assignment of physical custody of children pursuant to divorce. Mothers have typically been perceived as better caretakers, but that perception is beginning to change and fathers are beginning to fight more prominently for their custody rights.

Task force seeks to educate fathers on their custody rights

Determining a child custody arrangement is one of the most difficult things for a court to do in cases of divorce. In the past, courts have demonstrated a gender bias towards mothers in creating such arrangements. It is important for courts and all parties involved in such cases to not infringe on fathers' rights by providing them a level playing field in such determinations.

Fathers being granted physical custody more often

Creating a custody arrangement is possibly the most difficult determination a court must make in a divorce proceeding. Any arrangement must be made with the child's best interests in mind, not whether mothers have traditionally been granted custody. Such an inherent bias is a violation of father's rights and should no longer be allowed.

Advocacy group promotes equal custody for mothers and fathers

The determination of custody can be the most important decision that is made in a divorce. It dictates the living arrangement of the children and which parent they will spend the most time with. It also governs the rights and responsibilities of each parent as it concerns the children. Such an arrangement should be made with the best interests of the children at the forefront, but traditionally, there has been a preference towards granting physical custody to the mother, at the expense of the father's rights.

Newly proposed laws seek to enhance father's rights

Going through a divorce can be a painful and difficult process, especially when children are involved. The physical and legal custody arrangements regarding the child will be determined according to what is in the child's best interests. Historically, this determination has favored mothers over fathers and granted them with physical custody, while leaving fathers with visitation rights. New laws and advances in society are seeking to do away with such an advantage and enhance father's rights in general.

Kris Humphries is the presumed father of Kim Kardashian's baby

The establishment of the identity of the father of a child is an important determination. It establishes rights and responsibilities for the father, mother and the child as well. It provides the child with financial support and grants the father with rights to custody and visitation with the child. As such, the paternity of a child is important to all parties involved.

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