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April 2014 Archives

Su Derecho a Un Intérprete

Si usted no habla o entiende bien el inglés, es su derecho en el estado de Georgia tener un intérprete durante el proceso judicial. El intérprete tendrá la obligación de mantener confidencial toda la comunicación con usted y la Corte.

Deciding who gets a pet during a divorce

Dogs, cats and other pets can be as important to Georgia residents as any other members of their families. Pets help people get through the bad times in their lives and often the months spent involved in a divorce are some of the worst that people ever endure. When a divorce arises and a couple shares a pet, questions can surface over how ownership of the animal should be managed.

Divorcing spouses should have financial accounts in order

The property division process has a significant impact on divorcing parties as it determines their financial standing after the dissolution of their marriage. It is therefore important that those going through a divorce have a good grasp on their assets in order to fight for what they are entitled to when the assets are divided.

Man taken to Georgia for hiding assets, not paying child support

Child support is not a way to punish a non-custodial parent by taking away assets from them, but rather as a means to allow a child to be supported by both parents and for the parents to share in any related costs. A man was recently brought back to Georgia court from another state based on allegations that he lied to authorities and hid assets in his divorce case. The man fled the state during the divorce from his wife and failed to show up for the final hearing in the case. The court granted the wife full custody of the couple's son and did not grant the man any visitation rights as he was viewed as a danger to his wife and child. A warrant for the man's arrest alleged that he attempted to hide $500k in investment accounts during the divorce and claimed he only had $1,000 available. He is also reportedly $300k behind in child support payments to his former wife. The court used the concealed accounts to provide his former wife with a lump-sum alimony payment as well.

Bode Miller child custody case stretches on

Every instance of a child custody dispute can be a heartbreaking and very difficult affair. Georgia parents understandably want the best for their children, and having a decision declared that sometimes goes against what one parent feels is right can throw a family into chaos. However, when the couple in question includes a celebrity, the usually intimate child custody situation gets thrust into the public eye.

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